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Reporting malpractice in EFL schools?

Reporting malpractice in EFL schools?
Do you think, the world of English Language Teaching needs a place where teachers can report schools which treat them badly? We hear so many stories and teachers seem to be powerless since they are spread out around the world, not unionised and have no real voice or advocate. What are your views?

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teacher trainer
2014/11/04 12:20:12


Yulia-from-Ekaterinburg, 2014/11/12 20:56:17

Steve, could you please give examples of how English teachers are treated? When I worked at a secondary school 7 years ago I had been treated badly by some senior students (who enjoyed playing pranks on teachers) before they eventually got it that I wouldn't buy. I agree that teachers are insecure and the opinion that it's all teachers' fault, lack of professionalism that something wrong took place, is commonplace. A parent or a child in most cases will "be right" and a teacher will be the one to blame and take responsibility. Perhaps, there needs to be a 24-hour hotline service particularly dealing with problems of teachers. With an opportunity to make independent investigation of problem cases.

steve, 2014/11/13 10:26:20

Hi Yulia, I am approaching this from the private language school perspective. Many teachers are not given basic legal rights, contracts etc and some are paid very poorly, some are subjected to bullying by their bosses, many do not receive the CPD that a professional should expect... The list goes on. School owners in many cases are not educators but business people who see ELT as a way to make money rather than finding the compromise between commerce and education which the best schools can. Of course it's not all about the money-grabbing owners, teachers too can be unprofessional but that's another story.
There used to be a site where teachers could warn others about their experiences but it seems to have been inactive for some years now. In posing that question, I hoped (still hope!) to get commercial ELTers to let me know if they feel it would be a useful resource to have.

Yulia-from-Ekaterinburg, 2014/11/13 16:33:01

Hi, Steve! This is a very important question which needs discussion, I agree! I have never heard about this website, by the way.I believe any help centre would be useful! The question is whether teachers would be eager to reveal their names. Or could it be done anonymously? How do you see this perspective?

steve, 2014/11/14 09:04:22

I think teachers would need to provide their details even if those need not be made public. But schools should be given the chance to respond publicly too. The problem with all of this is the amount of time required to set it up and run it!

steve, 2014/11/14 09:04:33

Yulia-from-Ekaterinburg, 2014/11/14 21:26:49

I am sure that teachers (like victims of any other abuse) should have the right for protection. For some reason this idea has never come up to me. Only now it became obvious that so far there is no offical organization or committee to turn to. In this sense a website would certainly be the solution!
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