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Circle MimesESL Game

You need to know exactly how many people there are in your group so don’t plan this unless you are positive they will all be there! Small cards divided into three horizontal areas something like this:

The person on your left has got a red umbrella
You have got one leg
The person on your right has got a big hat

The next one could be:

The person on your left has got a big hat
You have got a box of treasure
The person on your right has got a kangaroo

Placed all together in a circle these cards should fit with one another. So you can see how complicated it would get if someone was missing!

Each person in the group takes a card and then begins miming their part. There is no speaking in this game and at the end you should have a circle of people who are all doing something extraordinary! You could easily change the structure perhaps for the Present Continuous for instance: ‘The person on your left is dancing’ and so on. As long as it’s mimeable! On the other hand you could adapt it so that they had to speak, asking and answering what others have or are, until they find their slot.

I especially use it for the dynamic because it tends to break down barriers rather than for particular linguistic content though of course the language point is quite easy to focus on.

Next game:
It’s smaller than that!