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Prepare suits of clothes on small firm cards, one item of clothing per card. I use: a pair of shoes, a jacket, a hat, a skirt, a shirt, a tie, and a pair of trousers. Each suit is of a different colour and or pattern. Students work in pairs. Deal them out like real cards and explain that they have to collect a complete suit of the same colour. They can ask another pair, “Have you got a green jacket?” if they other pair has, they are obliged to hand it over. In theory the first pair to complete a suit wins, but in practice we go on because it’s fun!

There is a much more complex version which I use with higher levels. They have to put a price on the clothes in their hand within certain pre-set limits and according to their relative value in the hand. The more items you have of a suit, the higher the value would be. They then buy and sell using ‘money’ which I print. At the end of the game they sum all the clothes in their hand and add on the money which they have. It takes a long time but they get quite heated!

This can be extended into negotiation language and of course it’s easy to think of items other than clothes you can use in sets.

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