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Collocation Pelmonism (Memory)ESL Game

Adapted from a children’s game.

You need four or more people and they can either work in pairs (if 6 or more) or singly if less. Cards need to be prepared beforehand but it is also interesting to get the students themselves to prepare them. You can use cards of different colours putting for example, verbs on one colour and adverbs on another or adjectives and nouns. For a group of 6 or 8 people, 30 cards is probably about right. Put them face down on the table or carpet and mix them all up. Each pair or single chooses one of each type and the others in the group decide if that particular combination can work or not. If they are OK, that pair keeps the cards, if not they put them back in the same place. The game is ostensibly to remember where the cards are, but of course they are recognising and judging the relative frequency of certain collocations. To make it more complicated, use only one colour or use 3 cards instead of two. At the end of the game the pair with the most cards wins but I tend to play this down.

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