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CommunicationsESL Game

Minimum 6 students in two groups. Each group has the same basic instructions:

The other group know some things about you! Find out from the other group:

You can send one person at a time to the other group with a prepared question.
Your question must be indirect. Your questions must be yes/no questions!

e.g.: If you want to know if you are human you cannot ask: ‘’Are we human?’’
but you could ask: ‘’Have we got two arms and legs?’’

Here is what you know about the other group:

This focusses on y/n, present questions but you can change it for other question forms if you want.

Other ideas for the groups:

This game needs about 20 minutes to complete and I find it useful to ensure that both groups move at more or less the same speed by giving little clues where necessary. Encourage them to refuse to answer questions which are too direct!

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