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Don’t know, I’ll askESL Game

You need to know exactly how many people there are in the group. Divide cards into two horizontal parts. In the upper area write a question to which your students probably know the answer. It could be something from a story they know or general knowledge. In the lower half, write an answer, but not the answer to that question! It will be the answer to a question on another card. In then end, all the questions on the cards should have an answer on another card.

What’s the capital of Australia?
The Thames runs through London.
What is Bob Dylan’s real name?
Canberra is the capital of Australia

Sit the group in a circle and give out the cards telling them not to show them to anyone. The first person then asks his/her question of the person to their left. If that person has the answer, he/she can answer, if not the response should be something like, “I’m sorry, I don’t know, I’ll ask him/her.” The question then gets passed on until someone has the answer! As the question is repeated several times, you are doing a light kind of drill on question forms and also reinforcing the use of will for instance decisions.

You can also use prompts for the questions rather than full form questions: eg. Bob Dylan / real name? This is more challenging and so more interesting but do whatever your group can manage.

During you preparation, try not to design the cards’ q and a in pairs even though it may seem easier to plan, the drawback is that the game becomes predictable; you have my answer and I have yours, threes works OK. Creating these using Word tables makes life easy.

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