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Have you got any tents?ESL Game

Divide the group into two and explain to each group that they are going on a trip. One group perhaps to the Sahara and the other maybe to the North Pole. Ask each group to write and draw items (one item per card) which they would like to take with them; five per person could be about right. Collect in the cards making sure to keep the two piles separate. Take group ‘A’s cards and run through them with the whole group to make sure that everyone knows what a compass is, for instance.

Ask each person in group ‘B’ to sit down somewhere in the room and become a shop! Distribute group ‘A’s cards amongst them and explain that this is their stock. They need to price the items and keep them hidden. Group ‘A’ then wanders off around the shops and tries to locate and buy their articles. Swap roles when the first group has finished. You can also use pre-made cards for this shopping game.

When each group has finished, I like to go through a few of the things they bought, asking how much they paid, where they bought something and so on.

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