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I’ve been to New ZealandESL Game

Invite your group to sit in a circle. I usually say “Here,” pointing to my right, “it will be very easy.. and here,” pointing to my left, the other end of the circle,” it will be more interesting! If you want to move, go ahead.” I then begin saying, “I’ve been to America..” the person on my right says “Steve’s been to America and I’ve been to Brazil..” (they choose their own countries). The next person says, “Steve’s been to America, Pete’s been to Brazil and I’ve been to Sweden..” and so it goes on. If you have a large group, get each person to do a little symbolic mime along with their country to help jog the memory for people towards the end of the circle. You can extend this when the circle is complete by standing up and approaching someone and saying, “Do you speak Chinese.” If that person said that they had been to China, they answer “Yes..” and you swap places, the student who is standing continues. If someone gets it wrong, they choose someone else. This secondary phase could use other kinds of language such as : “You’ve been to China, did you have Chinese food?” or “Did you see the Great Wall?” Students are often amazed at their own memories with this game.

You can extend it or change the content in many different ways so that it can become a regular, fun activity which practises something they have been working on recently.

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