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Let’sESL Game

Two groups are each given a secret, written code such as:

If anyone in the other group has a hand in a pocket when they suggest something, answer together ¨No way!¨

or perhaps:

If the verb begins with a letter between A and L answer together ¨Great idea!¨

Think of something they should do if the criterion is not met – maybe some other response like “We’ll think about it!”.

Ask each group to make a list of actions (verbs) which could be used when suggesting: eat, go for a walk, have a coffee etc. They will need at least 15 actions.

Invite them to stand up in two facing lines; someone in group ‘A’ then says to group ‘B’ “Let’s dance!” for example, and group ‘B’ answers in chorus according to their code.

The game is for each group to guess the code of the other, meanwhile (everybody gets a chance to speak) they are practising ‘let’s’ plus action. Group ‘A’ should be given the chance to discover the code before swapping roles. Give little clues if they are getting stuck.

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