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Adapted from a US TV show

Group of 6 or more, in pairs facing each other, ‘a’ and ‘b’. Prepare folding cards, each card containing a single word of a phrase which is familiar to them, a saying or idiom perhaps, or a sentence which they have seen and identified from a story. Show student ‘a’ of the first pair the first word. Then ‘a’, using mime or speaking in English without saying the word, must get ‘b’ to say whatever is one the card. Accept the first utterance from ‘b’ or mayhem will result! If the first pair can’t get it, pass on to the second pair and do the same thing. Don’t allow the first ‘a’ to tell ‘b’ after you pass on, because if they don’t get it the first time round, you may have to start again. When a ‘b’ produces (exactly) what is on the card, display it somewhere, on the floor or on the wall. Each word is treated in the same way, make sure you remember who last mimed and who guessed. Each time a pair gets the word, they get a chance to complete the sentence; again, accept only the first utterance and make sure it is absolutely precise in form etc. Allow only a short time for each pair to guess, perhaps 30 seconds. With higher levels or sentences which are very well known, present the words in the wrong order, but tell them you are doing that. Three of four sentences would be a maximum for this game.

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