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Puppets R UsESL Game

You need an even number for this game, upwards of 4 and they should ideally know each other pretty well. In pairs, give each student a piece of thickish black card, A4 size and ask them to draw (using an appropriate pen) and cut out their partner’s profile. Encourage them to use the whole sheet and to include a neck. Making sure that the two puppets can face each other, ask the students to attach a pen or pencil behind the face with a sticky label or two (this is where the neck comes in). It should be possible to hold the puppet more or less upright with the aid of the pencil. Each couple then pass their puppets to the next two who write a short dialogue between those two puppets. Generally it is not necessary to encourage them to be amusing, sometimes in fact the results need toning down! This part should take about 10 minutes depending on the level. When they have finished, cruise around and make sure that there are no horrific errors. Each pair passes the puppets back to their owners with the written dialogue they have created. They then practise their mini theatre quietly, to make sure there are no problems and then each pair performs their dialogue, if possible behind a standing portable white-board or similar. The ‘audience’ should only see the puppets of course. Encourage them to speak slowly and distinctly as many try to rush it. The point of this is linguistic, of course but it serves to create a great dynamic. If you can video it, they generally love to see it again.

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