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Sound storiesESL Game

Prepare two similar stories with enough differences to be sure that they are not predictable. Write them on a largish piece of card so that a group can all look together, write one sentence per line. Divide the students into two groups and give each group their story. Explain that they are going to tell the story without words or mime, using only sounds! Give them a few minutes to plan and then ask group ‘A’ to sit down together with their backs to group ‘B’.

Group ‘B’ then begins to make their planned sounds according to the first sentence of their story. Group ‘A’ should decide together on the interpretation and someone in the group needs to write it down, perhaps in note form to be enlarged upon later. They can ask for a repeat and when they are ready, they ask Group B to perform the next sentence.

When the first group has finished, swap over and then when both have completed their sounds stories, get them to check with each other how close they were. It’s usually impressively close!

Think about what you are going to ask them to do while you are writing the stories.. Alarm clocks are OK as are most modes of transport but could you ‘sound’ “The snow was deep”!? Well, perhaps you could!

Very often groups initially balk at the idea of creating sound stories but very quickly get into the swing of it as they realise how much they can do together.

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