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Split ReadingESL Game

You need a short story or a paragraph of an appropriate language level for your group. Save one as ‘A’ and the other ‘B’. Now, working with each version, remove different words in alternate sentences from each, as you work, think about the question which you would need to ask to fill in the gaps you are creating:

e.g. Version ‘A’: John was an old man who lived in Bristol. (Taking out ‘John’ could require: Who lived in Bristol? or What was the name of the old man who lived in Bristol etc.) The next sentence in version ‘A’ will be complete whereas in ‘B’ it will have a gap. The idea is that in pairs or even in two groups, students need to ask questions of each other to complete their story.

This can be done as a simple pairs activity or you can have them sitting far apart to encourage normal volume speaking. It’s not really a game is it? Nevertheless, it creates a game-type atmosphere!

When they’ve finished, check their questions in a non-judgemental way and try to get agreement amongst them on which are good and which could be adjusted.

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