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Would you like an anagram?ESL Game

Two teams each have a card with an object written on it. ‘Ham sandwich’ could be an example; make sure each group has objects with the same number of letters otherwise civil war can ensue! They then make a list of words each one beginning with a letter from the original word, e.g. Hat, apple, mint, shirt etc. When they’ve finished making the lists one group begins asking:

A) Would you like an apple?

The other group has to decline, perhaps:

B) No thanks, we’d rather have an orange.

So, they decline using an appropriate form and suggest an alternative which should be of the same ‘family’ as the offered object – apple / orange, shirt / tie and so on. Group B makes a note of the first letter of the object offered by Group A. The first group continues to make their offers putting the words in the wrong order of letters to make it more fun. As soon as they have completed their offers, the other group begins to make theirs so that at the end both groups have a list of letters and it then becomes a race to put them in the right order to find the original word or phrase. Make sure each member of the group gets a chance to speak.

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