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Yes but what if…ESL Game

Two groups each write a simple 10 (or 15) sentence story about what they are going to do tomorrow. Group ‘A’ then reads their first sentence:

“Tomorrow we are going to go to the seaside.” I don’t insist on a particular form here as long as it’s authentic – I might however, offer a quick concept check such as: “Have you got the tickets?” or “Is this decided?”

As someone from Group A reads the first sentence, someone from Group ‘B’ has to present an obstacle:

“What will you do if it rains?” or “What would you do if it rained?” according to how you and they would like to move ahead. The first group, at this point has to skirt the obstacle by saying for “We’ll all buy umbrellas!” for example. Each sentence of the story is treated in this way. There is a time limit so that the whole story must be told within perhaps 10 minutes and as ever with these 2 group games, roles must be swapped.

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