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IPA Font & Chart/1pi~4 font xnd 9A:t/

Text Sample: /Tx kwik br3n foks 0Vmps ~7vx Tx ~l4zi dog/

Created by Steve Hirschhorn

IPA Activities

I created an IPA font in the mid 80s and am now on version 7. This is not the usual IPA font in which you have to cut and paste individual symbols into the document, this is an installable font which, when selected in any office package, enables the user to write directly in IPA.

The symbols are automatically assigned to your keyboard letters so that, for example an ‘x’ becomes x while an H becomes H. You don’t need to do anything but write!

The diphthongs are on the numbers, 1 = 1, 2 = 2 and so on.

If you order the font, it’ll come with a key and instruction on installation – which of course is just a matter of dragging and dropping the font file into your Windows Font folder or Mac equivalent. You can even get it onto an Ipad by using an app like Anyfont, for example.

Type Phonetic Symbols using Phons v.7

Try the font online.
IPA Keyboard

IPA Chart with English Sounds

The charts are printed onto plasticised paper which makes them almost indestructible!

They are created using my font, measure 42 x 59 cms and look something like this:

IPA Chart and Font

IPA Chart with English Sounds​ developed with kind permission, from Sound Foundations Chart © Adrian Underhill.

If you’re not sure what this chart can be used for, then you can check out the video of a workshop I did on Silent Pronunciation Teaching on this site or, better still, you can invite me for a workshop and I’ll show you and your colleagues the huge advantages of using an IPA chart in the ELT classroom; not just for pronunciation but also for introducing lexis, for student-centred correction and much more!

IPA Font Download

The font costs just €10 and can be sent electronically; the chart is €121 the total (excluding postage) will be €20. If you would like to buy multiple charts or use the font on multiple computers, we can discuss a bulk buy cost.

1 Plus postage


I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years. In fact, he trained me as a teacher and teacher-trainer. I have, therefore, been able to benefit from the various materials that Steve has developed over the years. I still use many of the training materials (attributed to him and with his permission) to support my input to trainee teachers and in-service teachers e.g. the IPA font and charts; presenting language and classroom craft documents. The IPA charts are the clearest that I have used (I have been working in the field of phonetics and linguistics for over 30 years). I find the charts invaluable when teaching phonology and the majority of my students feel the same. Although I do not distribute the documents on presenting language and classroom craft to students, I do use the content to support my training input as it is clear, accessible and provides an excellent base from which to develop input sessions.

Steve is an excellent teacher-trainer who challenges the learner teacher– a superb example of learner-centred teaching.

Richenda Askew

There’s more than one use for the IPA font!

Having used Steve’s IPA font in the course of EFL training and assignments I have found a huge range of situations outside the language-learning environment where it is useful to have access to a font that produces the IPA in printed documents. The range of characters available makes it a truly indispensable bit of kit and even more so because it contains some quick keystroke access to common words such as G and B along with full functionality for all the inflections and accents that you could ever want. I find this incredibly useful in the arena of teaching mantra meditation where pronunciation is far from settled or straightforward. Although there are several pronunciation guides using standard fonts and ‘soundalike’ transcripts it is very easy to forget the exact representation or fall prey to regional variations. The IPA font removes all such risk and becomes an invaluable planning tool and aid memoire.

There is little more reassuring than to look down at a piece of paper and know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it!

Julian Rixon

IPA Font

  • .TTF Format
  • 72 Phonetic Symbols
  • Shortcuts: B=B; G=G
  • Key to keyboard letters
  • Instruction on Installation
  • FAQ


IPA Font&Chart

  • same features as both items have


IPA Chart

  • 42 x 59 cm
  • Printed onto Plasticised Paper
  • tap/flap
  • syllabic n
  • aspiration
  • stress & intonation
  • bottom 2 lines for teachers / linguists can be covered


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