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My passion for language education manifests now in trying to inspire my colleagues and peers. I have worked long hours with difficult students and I have worked in dream positions where students make the job so easy - all those practical experiences underpin the principles of what I now do. Since 1980, when I started teaching, I have been building up a bank of original ideas and converting those ideas, through use, into workshops on lots of topics, mostly practical, always current, often fun and always backed up by experience and academic substance.

I have delivered my workshops in hundreds of pre-service and in-service courses in Private Language Schools, State Schools and Higher Education institutions all over the world.

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ELT Workshop Topics

Language-Teaching Related

Teaching pronunciation silently
Based on Silent Way principles, this workshop gives participants a collection of techniques to improve their ability to teach pronunciation effectively.
The brain in language learning
An amusing and informative view of how the brain does and doesn’t work when learning language (and other things).
Based on the Triune Theory.
Social Constructivism (SC) in language learning
Arguably a way forward in ELT, this workshop offers an overview of SC and suggests ways in which teachers can introduce aspects into their classrooms.
The Humanistic Approaches (HAs)
An investigation of the most significant HAs, the long term influence they have had and what, if anything, we can still usefully employ.
Effective ‘correction’
A long-standing debate in academia and amongst practitioners: should we, shouldn’t we?
While this session does not conclusively answer that debate, it does present techniques which can be shown to be efficient and effective.
CLIL – finding the balance
One of the buzz words in ELT, CLIL is still much misunderstood.
This session clarifies what it is, how it works (and why it may not) and offers guiding principles to both content and language teachers. A parallel workshop can be offered to students and / or parents.
Research and Practice
A workshop looking at the relationship between what we know and what we do in the classroom.
Seminal research in Applied Linguistics is presented in a light-hearted way and related to our approach as teachers of language.
The Cuisenaire Rods
Much underestimated, these little pieces of wood can be used to teach almost any language point. I have been using them consistently for over 30 years and this workshop gives participants the opportunity to begin the process of creating student-centred lessons using the Rods.

Non-Language Specific

Teachers as observers
Peer observation is an essential part of any professional teacher’s development.
This sessions begins the training of teachers to become effective observers and sensitive givers of feedback.
Training the teacher-trainer
Teachers think that training is the same as teaching but it requires a quite different skill set.
These sessions begin the process of converting teachers into high quality trainers.
Body language in the classroom
Vastly underestimated, body language has major influences on both students and teachers.
This session unpicks some of the most common body language errors offering, at the same time, accessible solutions and hints on control.
Public Speaking for Business or Education
This full day session prepares anyone who needs to give public presentations. It uses techniques of body language, gesture and voice control to help presenters re-channel nerves into a positive support process. As the day progresses, presenters are given ever more challenging tasks to undertake until by the end of the day, they are feeling at home in front of an audience and are able to appear relaxed and confident.
Appraisals: Giving and Receiving Feedback (for educational and business personnel)
This workshop examines what appraisal and feedback is and how it can be designed to achieve the maximum positive effect for both giver and receiver.
University Lecturer CPD 1
In many HE institutions around the world, lecturers are expected to be experts in their fields but do not need any specific training in the art and science of passing their information to students. These workshops are specifically designed to offer coherentand congruent approaches and techniques which will raise pedagogic standards and thus increase student satisfaction.
University Lecturer CPD 2
In addition to specific group training workshops, a more personalised approach can also be offered in which lecturers are observed as they work and supportive, generative feedback offered. This programme can be tailored to the needs of an institution and its faculty. If required, a ‘Critical Friend’ system can be introduced and faculty members given short training in working with their colleagues in order to provide an on-going sustainable CPD programme.

Most of these can be run over a time frame from 3 to 15 hours depending on the topic and the needs of the participants. Some of them can be delivered over several days.

As well as these topics, full initial teacher training courses, on-line and blended teacher development programmes and ‘in country’ courses can also be delivered.


Steve Hirschhorn has done three workshops here at the EBS University’s Business School. Those workshops were the most effective and interesting professional development workshops that we have offered to our university staff in the six years that I have been working at the EBS. EBS runs 100s of workshops every year for our staff, students, and external businesspeople, and Steve’s workshops kept the participants engaged, amused, interested, and the feedback was always positive. Most importantly, the learning material that Steve used was easily applied and pertinent to the participants’ respective jobs, hence the ROI on Steve’s workshops created a worthwhile investment for us. We are looking forward to Steve teaching here again soon.

Peter Cole Director- Languages and Professional Development
EBS Executive Education gGmbH
Associate Director and Head of English
EBS Language Institute

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Past Workshops and Lectures

‘Feedback and Appraisal for Teachers and Business People’ Workshop by invitation of: European Business School, Weisbaden 2010
‘Clinical Supervision & CPD Workshop series by invitation of: University of Piura, March 2008
‘Social Constructivism: strategies towards a new methodology?’ Lecture tour and Workshop series by invitation of: Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico; November 2006
‘Clinical Supervision & CPD’ Lecture by invitation of: University of Maastricht, Netherlands. June 2006
‘Multiculturalism in the UK’ Lecture by invitation of: St. Mary’s College, University of Surrey. June 2004
‘The Past Rediscovered: The Relevance of Past Methodology in the Light of Current SLA Research’ Lecture Tour by invitation of: University of Piura, Trujillo & Lima, Peru. September 2005
‘Pronunciation Teaching: have we always done it?’ Introductory lecture TESOL Symposium, St. Mary’s College 2004
‘Gattegno- His Relevance to Current EL Teacher Training’ Introductory lecture TESOL Symposium, St. Mary’s College 2003
‘Negotiation of Meaning & Intolerance of Ambiguity’ Staff development lecture by invitation of: University of Westminster, 2002
'How the Young Use ‘Like’' Keynote address by invitation of: Koelner Sprachschule. Inaugural lecture, Cologne, Germany 2001
‘Affectivity in Language Learning’ Workshop series by invitation of: Society for Effective, Affective Learning, Annual Conference 1987
‘Suggestopædia as a Learning Tool’ Guest Speaker by invitation of: Lugano Conference Centre, Switzerland 1987